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Authors: C. Royer and M. Scott

DESCRIPTION: This guide to underwater navigation covers the fundamentals of navigating underwater while diving. Techniques for reading the contours, following ripple marks, reading the bottom, judging light directional, interpreting phototropism, and measuring time, depth, and kick cycles are all covered in detail. Also covered are diver compass skills, and various techniques for grid searches, as well as navigating at night and in low visibility.

This book is a must read for new divers, or any diver who wishes to improve their skills and confidence in navigating underwater. By following the advice in this book- any diver should be able to find their anchor line or beach entry point. This is highly recommended guide to safe and efficient underwater navigation.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR(S): Charles Royer is a veteran California diver of 32 years with current certifications in NAUI, PADI, YMCA, LA County, and NASDS. He has worked extensively in in the sport diving industry specializing in retail store management and equipment repair. He has also previously owned and operated his own scuba equipment repair facility. He currently owns and operates a retail dive store facilty and is active in the dive/travel business.

Michael Scott has taken an active role in the recreational diving world. Over the past few years, Michael has founded the “High Tide Dive Crew”, a recreational diving organization inspiring continuing education and diving experiences throughout the world. Michael also assisted in the creation of ECO-TRACK, a recreational diving data collection of information gathering throughout the world- the data is used to measure real time observations in various oceans and seas.

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