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Title: Deep, Deeper, Deepest: Man’s Exploration of the Sea

Robert F. Marx

DESCRIPTION: An exciting title from the author of more than 15 books, numerous scientific reports, articles, and films. Written with great enthusiasm, the author captures the history of diving in the Old World and continues through current high-tech treasure diving. The book reaches into history to describe events from the beginning of diving and includes many antique drawings depicting divers of a bygone era, their trials, adventures, and inventions. Also includes extensive chapters on underwater archaeology and sunken treasure. They are written by the very best expert in both areas.

Some of the Topics Covered:

  • Free Divers of the Old World
  • Free Divers of the New World
  • Diving Bells
  • Diving Machines
  • Diving With a Helmut
  • Man Goes Deeper
  • Divers in Warfare
  • Submarines and Submersibles
  • Sport Diving
  • Underwater Habitats
  • Underwater Archaeology
  • Sunken Treasure
  • Oceanography
  • Treasure Hunting Goes High-Tech

Suggested Reading

ABOUT THE AUTHOR(S): Robert F. Marx, in 35 years as an underwater archaeologist, has discovered and excavated ancient shipwrecks in over 60 sites worldwide. He has written more than 15 books, several hundred scientific reports and popular articles, and produced or shot over 50 documentary films.

The second one is:

Title: The History of Hyperbaric Chambers

Author(s):Gerhard F. K. Haux

DESCRIPTION: The first time ever recorded, this book on the History of Hyperbaric Chambers includes detailed information, stories, and an important timeline of the history of hyperbaric chambers. The author’s knowledge of hyperbaric technology has had a great impact in the development of new techniques and has made this a truly exceptional study. Includes illustrations, photographs, schematics, floor plans, and original drawings dating back to 1866.

The book includes all major contributors to the science and development of hyperbaric chamber technology, and describes each in textual and graphical detail. Many never-before published photographs of hyperbaric equipment are included. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the storied history of hyperbaric chamber technology.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR(S): Gerhard F. K. Haux is one of the world’s leading experts on the history of hyperbaric chambers. He has been working in the field of hyperbaric technology for over 40 years- and has had a great influence in the development of new techniques.

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