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Author(s): James P. and Leann G. Smith

DESCRIPTION: Ever been on a dive with your buddy and been unable communicate with him or her something until you got back to the surface? Until this handy guide to underwater communication was published, divers have had a very limited means of communicating. Diving instructors could teach their students several standard “emergency” signs, but once underwater could not give specific instructions or explanation. Students often misunderstood a direction, but had no way of communicating that to the instructor. Divers could not talk about the things they saw or express a concern. Minor situations have become critical ones because a diver could not say “I’m too cold – I’m feeling sick – or, I lost the rope.”

The ability to communicate effectively underwater is essential to safe diving. Underwater, a misunderstanding could mean the difference between life and death. This book presents an easy, effective, precise method of communication that any diver can learn. It is a system of signs adapted from those used by the hearing impaired. These signs are easy to learn, easy to use, and especially important- easy to understand.

The book is small- and easy to keep woth you in your dive bag, and comes with a vinylized cover to help keep it dry when near a marine environment. The symbols in this guide do not replace the existing signs- it simply expands them by tailoring new signs specific to diving.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR(S): James and Leann Smith are avid divers. James is also a Sign Language Instructor/Interpreter. Their intention in creating this guide was to facilitate safer, more enjoyable dives for fellow divers.

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