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Author(s): Wesley Y. Yapor, M.D.

DESCRIPTION: This easy-to-understand, informative book encompasses the full spectrum of diving safety from diving and boating preparedness, to advanced safety techniques, to a dive travel guide. Tables are included listing recommendations for a well-stocked medical kit, spare gear, diving tools, spare parts, and vessel safety equipment. Both beginners and experts will discover ways they can improve their diving safety.

Safe diving requires a combination of fair weather, good health, reliable equipment, conscientious boating and diving techniques, and proper contingency plans. Except for weather, circumstances can be modified with proper foresight and planning to optimize conditions for safety of the diver. Essentials of Diving Safety offers a comprehensive approach to the full spectrum of diving safety. Every facet of diving is reviewed and tips for improving a diver’s safety record are included.

The novice as well as the veteran diver will find recommendations that will improve their level of preparedness. Tables are included listing the recommended items for a well-stocked medical kit, spare gear kit, spare parts kit, vessel safety equipment, and many other related topics. Essential diving equipment is discussed together with issues to be considered when looking to own or rent specific dive gear.

Diving techniques that include every aspect of the dive are thoughtfully reviewed. Topics that need to be included during every type of briefing are listed, as are tips for dealing with emergencies above and under water. Techniques and suggestions are presented on being a better and safer buddy- not just a better diver. Diving schedules are carefully examined to enhance diver safety. Liability, insurance, and methods of documentation are also analyzed.

Travel tips for the diver are also covered. Subjects ranging from altitude considerations to currency issues are discussed. A review is made of what to take and what not to take on a dive trip in addition to choosing the appropriate protective dive wear and clothing. This vast amount of pertinent information regarding dive safety is presented in a clear and concise manner. The diver as well as the divemaster, the boat captain, the crew, and the staff will all benefit from the enclosed insights of diving safety.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR(S): Wesley Yamil Yapor, M.D. was born in Chicago in 1955. HE is a board-certified assistant professor in Neurosurgery practicing and teaching in the Chicago area for ten years. His past publications in the field of neurosurgery can be found in the Journal of Neurosurgery, Neurosurgery, and Neurological Survey. His interests in scuba diving began as a child. Inspired by Lloyd Bridges in “Sea Hunt” and Jacques Cousteau, his fascination for diving grew and he finally realized his dream of becoming a scuba diver in 1975 when PADI and NAUI certified him as a basic open water diver.

Through the years his adventures took him around the globe to many remote diving destinations, accumulating knowledge of various diving practices. He is presently a PADI certified divemaster. Dr. Yapor’s certifications include Advanced Open Water Diver, Master Scuba Diver, and specialties including Deep Diver, Boat Diver, Equipment Specialist, Medic/First Aid, Night Diver, Cavern Diver, Search and Recovery, Rescue Diver, and others.

His marine interests have always led him to boating and water sports. As a sail and power boat owner for over 20 years, he is presently a U.S> Coast Guard licensed Master Captain for charter vessels under 50 gross tons, and licensed as a tow assistant.

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