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Author(s): Darren Douglass

DESCRIPTION: Want to escape the overcrowded beaches of Southern California? Try the rugged shorelines, quiet coves, and soft sandy beaches of Central California! From Big Sur and San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara and Ventura County, you’ll find an incredible variety of sea life and spectacular underwater scenery.

This handy guide thoroughly describes 24 dives sites, and the full color photographs give you a sense of the beauty that awaits underwater. Like all Lonely Planet Diving and Snorkeling Guides, this colorful companion provides exactly the kind of information you need to make your diving or snorkeling trip safe and enjoyable. You’ll get specific information on:

  • Depth and Visibility
  • Temperature
  • Required Diving Expertise
  • Bottom Terrain
  • Currents
  • Marine Life and Shipwrecks
  • Safety Tips
  • Local Dive Shops and Charters
  • Accomodations and Transportation

There are also handy maps and helpful information on weather, safety, and diving operations.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR(S): Darren Douglass, a specialist on West Coast maritime history and shipwrecks, is the author of Guide to Shipwreck Diving: Southern California, and Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Southern California, 2nd edition. He resides in California, where he operates his communications company, Aquatic Image.

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